E-Com Engineering Pte Ltd has been established since 1987, with the desire to deliver top notch quality electrical services to all our potential clients.

Our ability to cater to a wide range of clients has contributed to the success of our company. Not only do we provide electrical services such as electrical installation and testing, E-Com Engineering also provides repair services such as electrical troubleshooting or during emergency power failure.

At E-Com Engineering Pte Ltd, we do our best to fulfil all our clients’ requests at the best competitive prices available in the industry. Coupled with our dedicated workforce and committed personnel, we can assure the best quality standard available to our customers.

We guarantee to put in our utmost effort for all our clients’ needs, regardless of the scale of the project involved, and assure that quality is maintained throughout the course
of the project.

We strive to achieve excellence in our operations, and provide quality, consistent services that will meet our clients’ expectations.
We aim to provide reasonable and competitive pricing for our customers.
We seek to provide the best working environment available for our employees in terms of safety, work opportunities and personal benefits.

E-Com Engineering Pte Ltd aims to maintain positive relationships with our clients, and continue to grow this business by providing excellent service standards and workmanship.
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